Quality and Environmental Policy

Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd., manufactures screws, bolts, rivets, concrete nails, common nails, black annealed, cold drawn steel wire, cold drawn steel wire (TIS 194-2535) and cold drawn steel wire (TIS 194-2535). The company is well aware of product quality requirements and also responsible for environment. Therefore, the company has established a quality management system (ISO 9001: 2008) and environmental management (ISO 14001: 2004) in order to proceed the following policy :

" Bangkok Fastening Co.,Ltd. is determined to coninuously develop our quality and environmental management system aiming at providing high standard quality products and services with punctual delivery meeting environmental requirements through continuous improvements."

Quality Commitments

  • Increase marketing and production competitiveness.
  • Reduce customer complaints.
  • Achieve high quality products.
  • Control punctual on schedule delivery.
  • Promote continuously improvement in qualtiy management system.

Environmental Commitments

  • Prevent pollution and contamination to the environment.
  • Follow environmental rules and requirements.
  • Create environmental consciousness to all stakeholders.
  • Conserve the energy and resources .
  • Continuously improve environmental management system.

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