Human resource development

Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd. has recognized the importance of human resource development in order to increase our competitiveness along with the concern of affection and harmony among our people. Therefore, we encourage the development of the team spirit and the participation of all level of our staffs in various activities. The activities are the platforms to enhance the love, harmony, collaboration, productivity and quality environment.
With this firm standing, we believe our company will be able to continue to improve our competitiveness and grow our business.

The followings are our HRD missions:
1. To develop a capability for work practices.
1.1 Plans for quality awareness and quality management system.
1.2 Plans for safety and quality of environment.

2. To develop the team building
2.1 Morning talk activity.
2.2 HR for line manager.

3. To develop the soft skills and team spirit.
3.1 Dialogue in BFC Forum activity.
3.2 Meditation activity.